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If you're not happy with any aspect of your teeth, visit one of our dental surgeries in Wrexham, Wigan, Warrington or Widnes. Here you'll find a range of restorative dentistry which will give you perfect teeth. From tooth re-shaping to dental implants we have what it takes to restore your smile.

Let your teeth speak volumes with Talking Teeth restorative dentistry

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Our tooth re-shaping is the ideal solution for chipped or broken teeth. This pain free method will improve the look of your teeth, instantly. If your teeth are not as straight as you would like, our tooth re-alignment process uses Invisalign, a virtually invisible tooth alignment system.

Tooth re-shaping and re-alignment

If you're missing a few teeth, our dental implants offer a permanent way to anchor crowns or dentures into place in your mouth. All our restorative treatments are available in all Talking Teeth dental surgeries, together with a range of preventative and cosmetic treatments too.

Dental implants

No matter how misaligned or damaged your teeth may be, our fully qualified dentists can re-shape your smile using the latest dental techniques.

Re-shaping your teeth and re-shaping your smile

Restoring your teeth to their former glory

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