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Dental Hygiene

Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss for adults. The role of dental hygiene care is to address gum disease and to prevent tooth loss and other complications. Our dental hygiene treatment plans are personalised to each patient and we work carefully to ensure that we provide the highest quality treatment designed to minimise the risk of gum disease.

Our range of periodontal treatments are designed to tackle significant disease, helping patients to regain and maintain good oral hygiene and health.

EMS Air-Flow® technology uses air, water and a small amount of water to replace a traditional 'scale and polish' with comfortable, almost painless deep cleaning that removes damaging biofilm, calculus and heavy stains. This method of treatment offers a far superior alternative to traditional methods of oral cleaning and it is especially beneficial for patients who suffer from dental anxiety as the procedure feels less invasive whilst offering unmatched cleaning of gums.

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