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Replace Missing Teeth

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Replacing Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can have a huge impact on a persons self-confidence. It can also lead to problems eating. The physical and psychological impact of missing teeth can ultimately lead to avoiding socialising, as well as eating certain foods.

For many people, tooth loss is an embarrassing and often frightening subject. This leads to many people avoiding dealing with the problem, only for it to get worse. Often people with tooth loss will suffer from pain due to the change in their bite. Other common concerns include the impact on other teeth from bone movement and degeneration.

Dental implants offer the best alternative when it comes to replacing natural teeth. Having uniquely designed artificial teeth supported with dental implants, patients are able to return to a mindset and lifestyle previously enjoyed before their tooth loss.

Occasionally, dental implants are not a viable option for some patients. In these instances there are several alternatives available including bridges and dentures.

NHS and Private Dentists UK