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Facial Aesthetics

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Facial Aesthetics Treatments

For patients who are looking for solutions to common complaints such as; crow’s feet or frown lines, we offer a range of facial rejuvenation and aesthetic treatments that can help.

All of our facial aesthetic treatments are carried out by experienced and qualified dental surgeons and work to to the highest standards to help our patients in achieving a refreshed and reinvigorated look.

Facial rejuvenation can slow the signs of ageing by reducing facial expression lines with the use of wrinkle relaxation injections this results in a more youthful appearance.

Our treatment for the reduction of facial lines is done through the use of botulinum toxin via Azzalure©. Azzalure© is a natural product which works by limiting muscle contractions, which then stops the formation of facial lines and provides smoother skin.

Our facial aesthetic treatments are a perfect way to reduce the signs of ageing through a non-surgical method.

NHS and Private Dentists UK